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Have you ever wondered how some women always stay stylish and you can’t help but wonder how they do it to look their best at all times? Well, no need to stress your pretty self about it anymore because you are on your way to being as stylish as those ladies.

In this post, I listed out some tips on being stylish so continue reading to get all the juice on being stylish.


1.  A stylish Woman knows what looks good on her

To come out looking stylish all the time, you need to know what type of clothes suit you best. A stylish woman knows the right outfits that compliment her body so I urge you to know the type of clothing that is perfect for your body shape and type. Look at clothes you have worn and gotten most compliments on the clothes then shop more of those kinds of clothing.

2. Invest in basics Clothing

Buy clothing that would never run out of trends. For instance; a good Jean, Every stylish woman has a Classic white shirt so you should buy a white shirt, pencil skirts are also included on this list, etc

A Good Jean is a wardrobe staple

Source: Pinterest

3.  Invest in Thrift/Vintage pieces

It isn’t always about spending too much money on clothing, how about investing in some thrift(Okrika) and vintage pieces. You would get really nice pieces when you thrift shop; most stylish women always wear thrift clothing. In my undergraduate days in school, I was always asked where I shop my clothes from; truth is that most of my clothes were thrift pieces and at some point, I had to help few friends in shopping also whenever I am back home on holiday. There are lot of places you can thrift around you or you can thrift shop on smart thrift.

Random and chic Thrift and Vintage wearsSource- Randomandchic on Instagram

4. Accessorize

I have always been minimal when it comes to accessories but now I know better and I am currently adding more than one accessories to my outfit. A Good shoe, bag, the right pieces of jewelry (rings, necklace, earrings, bangles) would make your outfit stand out and pop.

Picture with the right accessories

Source: Pinterest

5. You do not have to follow Trend all the time

As much as going with the crowd works, most stylish women do not always go with what is trending because trends would fade but staying classy does not so do not be a victim and fall into whatever is trending. This is what makes most stylish women stand out and the truth is; it is rare to catch a stylish woman in an outfit that is trending. If you are to go with trends, then mix it up to spice up your look.

6.  You should have a good Tailor

‘Can I get a Hallelujah on this one sister’ (lol). This is a tip you should steal sis; stylish women have a good tailor who makes nice fits for them. Most of my clothes are tailored and you wouldn’t even know; thanks to my smart stitches(my sis brand) and Smart shop(my brand). You could check on Pinterest and Instagram for Style inspiration then add your own spice to it and you are on your way to becoming stylish.

7. They are Inspired by Other Stylish Women

Most stylish women are always inspired by other stylish women; I have a ton of women I admire their style both in Nigeria and abroad. My Pinterest account has four boards and multiple pins on the boards for just style inspiration.

8. Plan

Stylish women plan outfits for events, office, etc. Stylish women do not pick random stuff from their wardrobe a day to the event. Most stylish women plan ahead and make a statement.

 9. Pick the Right Underwears

This is very important because you could wear the perfect clothes and your pant line or your bra strap could be revealing or visible so to be stylish, take time to invest in good underwear.

10. Mix Prints and Patterns

Most stylish women know the color that go, knows how to mix prints and patterns effectively so I would advise you research on how to mix colors, prints, and patterns. I wrote a post on mixing colors, prints, and patterns last two years on a blog I was managing but I plan on writing an updated version of it here on my blog.

Pictures of how Ladies mix Prints and Patterns

Source: Pinterest

11. Stylish Women are not perfect

Truth is the most stylish women are not stylish all the time. You don’t have to look all glam up and look perfect always; sometimes you just want to be in a Jean and tee and it is totally normal so don’t stress yourself about looking perfect all the time. I know we are caught up with the phrase “never to be caught unfresh” but some days it is totally normal to be caught unfresh and that is because you are not perfect darling.

So here are 11 whole tips on being a stylish woman so if you are reading this I would advise you to try to practice some of these tips and watch how your style would evolve.

Which of these tips do you practice and if you have other tips on being stylish, do put down in the comment section?

Thank you for Reading, Love and Light!



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