The thoughts of Glowing up or changing our lives often make us think we need to take major steps and all, which leads to being pressured most of the time and leaving us in a depressed state.

Sometimes, these big steps are needed but Glowing up takes little steps. Like I always say, it is the little things that matter.

The Magic lies in the Little actions we do every day.

Like the Bible says, it is the little foxes that spoil the vine and it is totally true because if we do not take intentional little steps, we wouldn’t Glow up or get to change our lives.

Here are the Little things you can do to Glow up now;

1 . Drink Enough Water Daily.

2. Go outside every Single Day – This is actually speaking to me because when I am inside, I really do not bother about going out but it is good to come out for some minutes and experience nature. Take a walk or something.

3. Read some pages or a chapter of a book daily be it the Bible or any other motivational Life changing book.

4. Meditate for a few minutes a day.

5. List things you are grateful for each day. You could get a journal to create a daily gratitude list or on your notepad or a book.

6. Get a good sleep at night – 7 to 8 hours a day is good.

7. Declutter and give out things you won’t be needing anymore – I do this a lot and it is relieving.

8. Social Media– Delete, unfollow, block pages that do not add any value to you.

9. Budget– Try to be more Responsible financially.

10. Have a Mantra for the Year or a New Month – According to siainstyle, her mantra is Rich and sexy aunt and I am so here for that.

11. Try something new every week; either a New Recipe, Learning something, Listening to a new song, etc.

12. Pay your Debts – Coming from someone that was in deep debts the previous year, hey loves! take this advice seriously and don’t try to be in debt this year.

13. Turn off Notification on the phone while Working – This is a major distraction for me and I plan on doing better, I think I/ would be turning off notifications in general and not just when I am working on projects.

14. Eat more Fruits and Vegetables – You need your health to be in check to Glow up like the saying goes ‘health is wealth’. If you ain’t healthy, you wouldn’t be able to make that money.

15. Practice a skincare Regime

16. This is quite hard but quits habits like smoking, excess drinking, biting of nails, eating anything and everything, etc.

17. Make it an effort to put a smile on someone’s face every day.

18. Try to Live in the moment more, let go of the past, and just try to stay in tune with nature.

19. Compliment others without holding back – If someone looks good, let them know they look good. If you like something they are wearing, tell them without holding back.

20. Have more Real Life conversations and not just on social media. You never know what you might learn from people.

21. Lastly, having a personal talking relationship with God every single day so he directs you on how to go, tells you his will and purpose for you so you don’t get to doing just anything over and over and heading nowhere.

I am grateful for writing this post because it has made me more intentional.

Do you have any simple things that changed your life or made you Glow up? I would love to know.

With Love,



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