One of the reasons April7style was created was to help young ladies look good without spending too much and I am such a huge fan of looking good for less. With these hacks, you can focus on spending your money or budgeting for something else because as a young lady we have too many expenses to cater to.

I have been using these makeup hacks for a while and I haven’t gotten a negative remark on my makeup which shows that these hacks would still make you look good and they are budget-friendly.

My everyday makeup look is pretty simple and I like to keep it very basic and clean. I just change lipstick colors to give a different look depending on my mood and the place I am going to.

7 Budget-Friendly Makeup Hacks

1. Using your Foundation as Concealer to highlight your brows

If your concealer is finished, you can use your foundation in place of concealer and use it in highlighting your brows.

foundation to highlight brows

2. Use your foundation as an Eye primer

Try using your foundation as an eye primer for your eyes. Just apply the foundation on the eyelid and blend so well then you could add your powder to it so it wouldn’t be too damp {this is totally optional}.

3. Use your Eyeliner as Mascara for your lashes and also your Mascara as Eyeliner

It has been a while I bought a mascara and that is because I have been using my eyeliner in place of mascara and also if it is the mascara you have, you can use it as an eyeliner. Just use a tiny brush and dip into your eyeliner then apply to your lashes. same process for using your mascara as eyeliner.

4. Use your Bronzer as Eyeshadow

Growing up, I thought to apply eyeshadow made me look older so eyeshadow wasn’t really my thing but watched a YouTuber and the lady used her bronzer as eyeshadow and it was so cool, tried it and girl! it fits so well and been a thing for me.

Apply your bronzer to your eyelid, I usually apply my bronzer to one-quarter of my eyelid at both the upper and lower eyelid but you can apply on all eyelid or half of your eyelid. it depends on what works for you.

Saw on a blog some days back that Kendal Jenner also uses her bronzer as eyeshadow sometimes and it was featured in vogue so it is a must-try hack sis.

5. Use your Pond powder or a White powder as a Brown powder

For a while now, I have been using a pond powder and it has been a major hack. if your brown powder is finished and you do not have the money to buy a new one immediately then you should try using a pond powder and I promise you will love it.

6. Use a Lip pencil and Matte lipstick plus a clear Lip gloss to achieve an Ombre Glossy Lip

 To achieve an ombre glossy lip, line your lip with a lip pencil or a lipstick in any color of choice, then apply the matte lipstick, use a brush to blend then apply your clear lip gloss and voila! your ombre glossy lip is all set.

7. Use Rosewater as a Setting spray

Aside from using rosewater as a facial cleanser, you can use your rosewater as setting spray when you are done applying all makeup products.

Finished makeup look


Lastly, take advantage of sales from different Makeup brands on their products and do check my previous post on how I got my mojo back.

I hope this post was helpful, please share and What makeup hack would you be trying?

Thank you for Reading, Love, and Light!



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