A New Chapter is the start of a new phase in life and I am on a new phase currently. I have written articles for some blogs before now and I have always wanted to own my blog but life happens and I couldn’t until now.

A New Chapter

This year has been the most challenging for me; there were personal and business issues but the most challenging was losing my Dad at a time I least expected, he was and still a major inspiration.

God has been Faithful. However, some Life lessons were Learnt and that was what informed the need to share a few here:

1. Channel your Pains into Achieving your Goals

If there is one thing I have Learnt thus far, it is channeling the pain into achieving the positive( goals, visions). You achieve more when you channel the negatives into doing the positive.

2. Life is a Journey and is Patient

 We all want to achieve our goals quickly but I have come to learn that life is a journey and we can start whenever and not conclude that we are too old or too young then we wouldn’t do certain things. You have to be patient about it and start a new chapter whenever you are ready.

3. There would be Challenges

There would be Challenges and it is okay to be down but do not let it stop you from being a better version of yourself.

4. Take Responsibility for your Actions

Making mistakes is part of life so no matter the situation, be responsible for it even if you were pressured into doing what you did. Being responsible unlock ways for growth which starts a new chapter.

5. Write Down your Plans and Work towards them

I have never felt the need to list out my plans on paper. However, before the start of the year, I listed out my plans and I have been striking a lot off the list.

6. You Cannot Change People

We act differently towards situations and when someone is acting differently, the best you can do is talk to and pray for them because no matter how hard you try you cannot change them, you would only end up hurting yourself; they would change at their own time.

7. Forgive Easily

It is hard to let go of hurt but forgiveness opens ways for blessings; so learn to forgive. There is this crazy way (laughs) whereby I let go of things by calling the name of the person and because I am willing to forgive the person I would say ” I release you…” mentioning the person’s name ( funny right? ) It works for me, so you could try it.

8. It is Okay to be Emotional

Growing more emotional and it is normal to get emotional. Being emotional has made me strong without knowing it. 

9. Find Love but do not Lose Yourself in the Process

As a young girl/boy, it is okay to seek love and be loved but do not lose yourself while doing it and if it isn’t working, let go and focus that energy into doing better. Love would come when the time is right.

10. Be Closer to God

 There is nothing that gives true happiness as God and I can attest to that because with the recent happenings lately, I am genuinely happy. When it seems like you can’t keep up just go back to him in prayer.

About My Outfit

It was all love when I saw this 3D Rose Fabric at the Market and it was affordable, I wanted a simple dress but I told myself ‘statement sleeves’ would add more drama to the outfit.

My Sister and I made the dress, it was supposed to be a simple dress with less time spent in making it but we rounded up the day of the shoot.

Purse and Bag are from Cylinadoremporium on Instagram and it came with a gift.

It is a Whole New Chapter and I am aware there would be ups and downs but I would enjoy the ride.

Also; Go out more, Network, Travel; hopefully my pocket wouldn’t fail me (lol), get more stylish and daring with outfits come up with awesome content for April7style.

Thanks for Reading!

Love and Light,

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  1. Smart stitches
    Smart stitches says:

    Nice intro, well bodied structure, wonderful story line, .. Tnxs for inspiring us to do more and most important ly be closer to God.

  2. Lucy
    Lucy says:

    Amazing piece. You never stop amazing me. As for the dress, we will have a deal for it… Lol, you know what I mean.

  3. Dr A. F. Iyayi
    Dr A. F. Iyayi says:

    I am quite happy for you. So soon you have proved to be an inspiration to your generation. Please keep it up. You certainly will go places. Best wishes

  4. Dr A. F. Iyayi
    Dr A. F. Iyayi says:

    I am quite happy for you. So soon you have proved to be an inspiration to your generation. Please keep it up. You certainly will go places. Best wishes

  5. Martin Omobude
    Martin Omobude says:

    Truly this is one awesome piece…

    Don’t allow anybody, I repeat anybody tell you you can not do, if they do channel all your energy to prove them wrong, it’s a feel good something when you achieve it eventually…cheers


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