Have you ever made plans, dreamt of places you would love to visit, or some certain type of scenes you would want to experience but you end up not going to any of those places.


A New spot in Ibeshe I discovered


Well, I am the Queen of dreaming of locations and serene scene and wouldn’t go to any.

There are places I would love to visit;  I have imagined being at the beach at night, going to fancy restaurants with friends, exploring amazing places but year in year out, I end up not going to these places giving silly excuses.

Well, this year even with the pandemic I have visited a particular place repeatedly thanks to my friend for hooking me up and cannot wait to fully explore the place.

FUN FACT – All my recent pictures have been shot in this spot, been getting questions about where I take these pictures and how they love the location so I thought it would be nice to share the location.

Now to spill the Tea…………

The Location is IBESHE and it is located in Oriade local development council of Amuwo Odofin Local Government area of Lagos State.


It is the island that owns the Ivory beach, Rosmajor seaside resort, and a few minutes boat ride to Ibray seaside resort.

To get to Ibeshe

Find your way to satellite town from wherever you are in Lagos and board a Tricycle {keke} or a bike going to waterside or jetty then take a boat going to ibeshe{costs three hundred naira}.

You would have to go by water to get to the location, I was scared at first, still scared though but the serene of the beach would make you forget you have to go through water to get there.


• The beach is less crowded, unlike most beaches in Lagos with too many people.

• There are beach houses{ Rosmajor seaside resort & Ibray seaside resort} which makes it a perfect getaway or staycation with friends/family.

• It is super calm.

• Cool spots to take amazing pictures. You just have to get creative and spot where to take pictures and content worthy pictures for creatives.


The Beach


TIP – For Now, Entrance to the beach is free so take advantage of it now.

There are still works to be done in the community still but It is the perfect gateway from the hustle and bustle of Lagos and it is summer; so plan a trip with your friends to explore Ibeshe.

In love with the place and cannot wait to fully explore especially at night. I hope this post was helpful and do let me know when you visit after reading this post.

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Thank you for Reading, Love and Light!



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