One of the Fears, I have had was not starting whatever it is I am doing earlier so if you are on this table then this blog post is for you.

I knew I wanted to do something on Fashion and Lifestyle as far back as 2013, 2014 but I did not want to stress my Dad about providing the things I needed and I felt it was best I rounded up with school first so I do not seem unserious.

Well, sometimes I wish I had started earlier but then again I have come to understand that it doesn’t matter the time or age one starts but what matters is that you start anyways.

So, I was watching a Tiwa savage interview on bounce radio live hosted by Ebuka on YouTube where it is a tell it all kind of interview and it made me love her more because she was genuine and said a lot I am currently living by.

She said it doesn’t matter the age we start, what matters is that we start and pushing to be better. She used herself as an example of how she started her career at a later age but she is doing well.

Most of us especially ladies have given up on our dreams and visions because we feel we are old or we are married and then do not push to do the things God has planted in our heart which is such a deal-breaker for me because getting older or marriage should not stop us from living a  purpose-filled life.

  • I have come to understand that my journey is different from the person next to me.

  • I want to encourage anyone reading this post that if you have something you really want to do then I suggest you go to God and ask him questions then do it.

  • I have looked at others and say to myself, ” what is it I am doing wrong” and I know a lot of us are on this table but I want to encourage you and tell you to stop comparing yourself with others.

When you stop comparing yourself with others, that is when you experience real growth. Your journey is different.

  • Do not let others see you as a Nobody and most importantly, do not see yourself as one. Do not see yourself as less or settle for less regardless of your current situation, Always stay optimistic.

From the Words of Tiwa savage, if there is anything I am cocky about, it is God and these words inspired this post and it simply means that we should trust in God always no matter how unreal and hard it gets.

Honestly, I get tired at times but one thing about me is that I do not give up and you shouldn’t give up either. Take breaks when needed; taking breaks doesn’t make you lazy but rather it prepares your soul and body for the tasks ahead.

It is not a smooth ride, it is bumpy but you got this. I think this is the part where I insert the bible verse that says “wait on the Lord” and he will perfect all that concerns you.

  • Lastly, start that project you have always wanted to do now; do not wait for the perfect time to start because there is no perfect time
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With Love





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