This post would suggest an affordable valentines gift for you but first Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love, in general, and not just for lovers tho it is popularly known as a day for lovers; that are romantically involved with each other.

Well, this post is not about explaining valentine so I am not about writing history cus people have different opinions about valentine rather this post will guide you to shopping for affordable gift ideas for your loved ones this season cus we are all about love in the April7style community!


1. Super sweet Greeting Card – As Irrelevant or old school you might think this is, writing a sweet note to your loved ones telling them how amazing they are and assuring them you love them will definitely warm their heart and make them feel loved and special.

love card

2. Custom-made Jewellery – Who doesn’t love good custom-made jewelry? Everyone does so getting one for a loved one is a totally good idea and I recommend it.


3. Perfumes – Everyone loves to smell good. Body odor is a total deal-breaker and gifting someone a good perfume this season would be much appreciated. I used the Espada perfume one time and I absolutely love it, also bought it for a friend and it was perfect so you should include gifting a loved one this perfume. shop the perfume HERE

espada perfume

4. SILKY SOFT UNDERWEAR/MATCHING UNDERWEAR – This is for the lovers; getting matching underwear and going for a staycation or spending time together is a good idea and would bring back the spark and rekindle the flame of the relationship.

You can shop all gifts and more from jumia by clicking the banner below; Jumia has a lot of discounts on their products and they are currently offering free delivery in Lagos and Abuja for delivery from 4999 naira and above.


Jumia Free Delivery


5. SKINCARE PRODUCTS – We are all about self-care here and we strongly recommend gifting your loved ones with skincare products so they could start their self-care journey;

  • a. Nivea Face Care for Women – The Nivea face care is a good and affordable product to start with; I use Nivea face care set along with other products and to be honest; I have been seeing positive results. The Nivea set can be purchased on Jumia; they offer amazing discounts plus quick delivery. you can shop the Nivea face care set HERE.
  • face care set for women
  • b. Nivea Deep Collection for Men – I instantly fell in love with the packaging of the Nivea Deep collection for Men and it doesn’t just have fine packaging but also the content of each product under this collection is so nice and perfect from the shower gel, roll on, body spray, men creme, etc.
  • shower gel for men

  • ordered for a friend and he absolutely loves it and gave a good review. Men do not really prioritize self-care so gifting the men in your life this set would mean a lot. Trust me! Men like these things even tho they pretend that skincare is for the ladies. shop the Nivea Deep for men at an affordable rate.

7. Watches – Watches are great gift ideas; there are really nice watches out there you can get and smartwatches that you could gift a loved one. check HERE to discover cool and affordable smartwatches.


8. Scented candles – These are gradually becoming a favorite so gifting someone you love is a totally good idea and we recommend it. you can shop for really good scented candles HERE.

scented candles

9. Earbuds – Music is one thing that has kept me sane; I am joyful worshipping and not hearing any other things aside from the sounds from the music buzzing from my earbud on my ear. my friend got me an earbud and it has been helpful so I think this is a very good gift idea for this valentine considering its affordability. You can shop Oraimo Earbud on jumia.

oraimo Earbud

10. Money – Everyone would smile at a cash gift this season and if you really do not have an idea of what to buy for a loved one then giving the person some cash would help settle some bills and clear the carts of course(lmao). personally, I would love a very reasonable cash gift{dont blame me, I am a Nigerian woman and have lots of things to do with money} plus any other romantic gestures could work for a change I guess(lol).

I hope this post on affordable valentines gift is helpful. I am really sorry it is a bit late but I am really caught up with a lot and still learning how to multitask effectively and do well to check my previous post on becoming all that you want to be this new year and you can sign up to receive monthly newsletters on faith, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle in general by clicking HERE.


With Love,



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