I am so excited to be back sharing my thoughts, lifestyle, and Fashion Tips here. I have been inconsistent here for different reasons. The last time I went off here was August 2020 and it wasn’t intentional. Going off from blogging this time around wasn’t planned as I have begun to enjoy creating content here and on Instagram; met new people.

I lost yet another family member last year after losing my Dad a year before and it was such a shocker but during those times of being away from the social scenes, I got really personal with God and it has been an amazing journey.

One thing I learned while away was that I haven’t been patient with myself.


Don’t get me wrong when I say I haven’t been patient with myself; if you know me personally, you would know I am very patient and my friends can attest to that but I just haven’t been patient with myself, wanting things to happen fast around me, allowing self-will and my intelligence control me without caring if it was God’s plan for me.

I renewed my hosting with doubts in my heart, without knowing if I would get back to sharing my thoughts here. There was no push to write, create or post anything but I renewed my hosting anyways.

It was on the 28th of October I got the push to write again and I wrote about three lines of this post you are currently reading. I got up and started trying outfits in my wardrobe which is one of my favorite thing to do.

So Guys I am back here and don’t know where I am headed as regards the things to write here if I am to still put out more fashion content like I used to because currently, I am seeing myself putting more lifestyle content here{I think I would just go with the flow}.

 Having doubts, I know getting back the audience wouldn’t be easy and it would seem like I am starting all over again but I enjoy pouring my heart here and just enjoy the ride.

No Goals set, taking it a step at a time, live for God’s purpose, show more love and, keep inspiring young women and dishing out Positivity and Faith while being fashionable at it.

So what did I miss while away?

With Love



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