Health is Wealth so we are told and these words hit different now as I have been on a journey of taking my health seriously since February this year.

Living healthy requires discipline, consistency, and it is quite expensive so now you know why health is wealth but regardless, we need to take care of ourselves from the inside and make do with the little resources we have.

I personally think it is best we take care of ourselves now that we are still young so as to avoid complicated health issues when old.

I have been intentional about the foods I eat, the class, the nutritional value, the quantities etc. And also the kind of drinks I consume but I normally take water and hardly take sugary drinks{only take these drinks once in a while but with time, I would not consume at all}.

Beetroot is one of the vegetables I have been taking.

Beetroot juice should be taken first in the morning before any meal. My Recipe is below for the beetroot juice;


  • Beetroot
  • Carrot
  • Tomatoes
  • Apple

Apple acts as a sweetener and it is optional. Some persons make tomatoes optional also; depends on what you want to use really and there are other fruits that can be replaced with the listed fruits in the recipe above but this is my own recipe and it has been working for me.


1. Prevents strokes and Heart attack

2. Reduces high blood pressure

3. Good for liver – beetroot has an element called ‘betacyanin’ which helps to detox the liver.

4. It cheers you up Naturally – Beetroot contains betaine which enhances the production of body’s natural mood-lifter.

5. Provides Vitamin C

6. Immune system booster – It helps fight Infection.

7. Prevents Cancer

8. Reduces chances of Obesity

9. Reduces the risk of hypertension

10. Reduces cholesterol

11. Good energizer

12. Helps to control Diabetes

13. It prevents Arthritis

14. Helps fight Anemia

15. Acts as an effective anti-aging Agent

16. Improves Digestion

17. Boost Metabolism

18. Improves Skin hydration

19. Enriches hair health

20. This is the part I am here for and that is how it helps in improving one’s skin;

  • anti-aging
  • acne treatment
  • skin-brightening
  • antioxidant
  • anti-inflammatory

 In 2019, when I was dedicated and just started with the beetroot juice, I noticed my skin was glowing but I stopped for unknown reasons but I am back at it and my skin be thanking me for it.


1. If you suffer from low blood pressure, you would need to consume less beetroot juice and monitor your pressure regularly.

2. You may experience a change in the color of your urine; pinkish or bright red but could be for the first time while some persons might not experience such colors.

3. If you have kidney stones, then I suggest you do not take the juice at all.

4. If you are allergic to beetroot then please do not take at all.

I hope you find this post helpful. Will you take the beetroot juice?

you can check my two-part post on overcoming stress and anxiety here for the first part and second part.

With Love


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