A year Older and it has been a roller coaster, been through it all literally. The past 2 years have been the most challenging, emotional, anxious, and every other thing one can think of but through it all, I am truly grateful to God.


First off, I am really not big on birthdays; I get excited for others’ birthdays than mine but I am kinda excited about this for some unknown reasons. Guess I am excited about a lot of things I am and have been working on; it feels I am doing some things right regardless of my shortcomings.

Like I said earlier, it has been a roller coaster. I have been through situations I never thought I would be in and it got me

searching for answers but I am reminded to trust God and he keeps reminding me he loves me despite my flaws{drop tears}. My anxiety comes and goes but the Holyspirit has been comforting me and I am reminded I have an ABBA that would always be there even if I drift away.

I haven’t been putting much stuff here because I am numb these days. I really hope it gets better this new year cus this blog is my personal space/journal where I get to write how I feel considering the fact that I am a very private person.


The outfit was sown last minute by smart shop and fabric is from jbofabrics my brands and we would be doing more items of clothing from next year at the smart shop so watch our space.

Wore a wig from Naijabeautyhair cus I just felt like wearing one. Haven’t worn a wig or made hair in months. I am definitely feeling my pixie cut on my natural hair.

I wanted a shoot that speaks peace cus I haven’t felt such true peace as I feel right now in recent times so we opted to take pictures surrounded by water.

Showed my mood board to my friend that takes my pictures and he was in for it. Love how the background worked so well with my outfit and the pictures came out really nice.


At some point, I became unexcited about turning a year older, and a lot of times I was angry at everyone. I cried real hard considering the things I have been through these past years and still going through.

I really cannot say all but I have struggled, failed, made plans that couldn’t work, been a mess like an actual mess, done things that I would normally not do. My imperfections showed up, been there for others, worked my butt off but honestly, I am just grateful {words cannot express}.

My heart is filled with so much gratitude like I am overwhelmed by how God loves me despite my craziness. His love outweighs it all. Grateful for my family; amazing friends God brought my way, my clients, you reading this and supporting me, my craft.

I am truly excited for what is to come cus honestly, this new year is coming with a lot of positivity, breakthroughs, blessings, and every good thing one can think of. For sure, there would be crazy times but I am prepared for it all{the ups and downs}.

This New year, I have decided to take Care of ME. I have been too busy and don’t have time for me but I will put in the effort to do better this year and also I plan to be more intentional with things{I really have to do away with these non-challent attitudes}.

Listening to Nathaniel Bassey “This God is too Good” and “Jehovah Shammah” because the holy spirit reminded me to listen to these songs while writing this post and I totally agree cus God has been too good to me and I see what he is doing with me even with my imperfections{drop tears}.

Thank you for reading my birthday post and do say a prayer for me. God bless you.
With Love

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  1. Nkay
    Nkay says:

    Many more blissful years my beautiful beautician and entertainment minister. Beauty will always reach out.from afar…have been blessed by you sister. Love you.loads and have a wonderful day.

  2. Bridgett-Loveth
    Bridgett-Loveth says:

    Happy birthday super lady. I pray for more of God’s blessings for you on your special days and always❤️


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