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It Christmas today and I couldn’t help but think about the things I did during Christmas as a child. It was all fun as a child during this period Dad would buy video CDs with different Christmas carols and we would play all through the week not forgetting the tiny Christmas light with different colors well decorated in the parlor. The Food, new clothes, shoes, new hair, etc made it more special.


My Fondest Childhood Memories Were;

Assisting my mum and my elder sister in the kitchen

It was always jollof rice and then one traditional meal. After cooking, we would share with neighbors and friends around.

The similar hairstyle with Rume (childhood bestie) 

we always had this ponytail look which was called “ telephone wire”. We’ve always had our hair game on point and we couldn’t help but flip the hair always.

Christmas clothes and shoes 

I think Christmas would not be complete without the clothes and shoes as a child.

Walking from one house to another to collect money

This was the fondest of them all. Collins, Timeyin(my younger brothers) Rume and I would go from family member house to another just to collect money and we did it with so much happiness under the hot sun (I wonder what we were thinking). It was all fun and our reactions when we were offered food or not given the money was just something else because we never wanted the food, we were all for the money.

This is a fun post so I thought to ask other creatives to know their fondest childhood Christmas memories;

Olanma @olanmavictoriaFashion and Lifestyle blogger


Olanma is a fashion and lifestyle blogger with a great taste in fashion and she loves food. We took fashion illustration classes together last year and she would always come to class with a big smile on her face. One could tell ola is free-spirited and sure know what she wants. Earlier this year, she launched her fashion and lifestyle blog thewofactor.com and she has amazing content, you should check it out. Here’s her greatest Christmas memory:

“Going to the village with my family(extended family included). Every morning we would gather around in my grandmas compound, talking while having our breakfast while taking in the harmattan weather in its glory (mind you, this was when harmattan was still harmattan)”.

Omoye @elo_osePro Makeup Artist


Omoye is a Badass Makeup Artist and the creative director behind elo_ose makeovers. Omoye ordered hair from my business page smart shop earlier this year and since then she has been a great friend. She speaks so calmly and she is super supportive. You should check elo_ose makeovers to see her work(she’s good). Here’s what Omoye has to say about her Christmas memories as a child:

Christmas was that time when we ate chicken and Turkey, I remember my Grandma used to have a carton full of fried turkey and I have no idea how it finishes cause I don’t remember having more than one or two. It was always rice and stew and this stew tasted different from every other stew we’ve had all through the year, it had that Christmas stew taste and aroma.

The major highlight was usually the Christmas clothes, those dresses, oh my, I’m nostalgic right now, cause I can vividly remember this very beautiful white dress that was gotten for me and my cousins, oh we always had matching dresses and matching hair.

Christmas hair was a thug of war, we would make our hair for two days cause we wanted to do a million braids then came a time when telephone wire was in vogue, we would all gel our hair and fix telephone wire as a ponytail. And of course, your Christmas look is not complete without your ‘konkon’ shoe it was usually black and shiny with block heels. 

Femi George @obalurgegramMusic Artist

Femi is Family; he is a good Rapper/singer, he owns a Record label making him Africa’s youngest record label owner; he has released a lot of songs over the years and has 2 videos airing on HipTv.His songs are currently available for streams and downloads on all platforms. You could see his works by following him @obalurgegram on Instagram. He gave me my first shot at blogging. Here’s what he has to say on his childhood Christmas memories:

“For a kid that grew up in Ikot abasi, an ancient city in Akwa Ibom State, Southern Nigeria. I always looked up to Christmas because it was a season of adventure for me and the family. We would travel to Lagos for celebrations and I got to visit all of my favorite places”

chocolate cookies

Finally, Christmas is so much different as an adult; I do not get bothered about getting my hair done or excited about putting on that special ‘Christmas clothes’ but the good thing is that I get to be with family and friends.

This would be my first Christmas without my dad and I would miss sharing gifts with him plus I have come to accept that he is no longer here with us even though most times I wish I could still chat with him for few minutes and ask questions but the thought of him especially the things he did during the Christmas would forever be remembered and cherished.

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What are your favorite Christmas memories as a child? I’d love to know in the comment section.

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