This post should be termed ‘ The Patient collaboration’ because this collaboration has been on hold since last year and become history but life happens I guess.

So Tega(the photographer) sent me a DM by August 2020 for a collaborative shoot and I was not in a place of doing any shoot whatsoever so we dragged until I was finally ready to do the shoot by February this year. The reason I said, it should be termed ‘the patient shoot’ because he was really patient.

So he had a concept in mind, ‘BEAUTY IN LITTLE‘ was the concept of the shoot that is finding beauty in rare places like trash, areas that do not look sophisticated, in general, unpleasing places, and finding the beauty in these places. So we shared ideas and all on how the outcome would be.

Made my outfits last minute and contacted my friend who is a makeup artist omoye for the makeover and she is amazing.

I was quite nervous because I haven’t done a shoot in 6 months but did it anyway to get my mojo back and everyone was quite accommodating during the shoot and we Nailed it though I got really tired doing the second outfit, more reason it has just one picture.

The pictures really came out looking Nice and got me feeling like a supermodel{* insert grin*} but anyways just know I am up for more collaborative work.

Community over Competition


Both Outfits were designed by me for Smart shop on Instagram

Photography by Tega for Iamfl on Instagram{couldnt add link to his personal page}

Makeover by Elo_ose on Instagram

Shoot Location – Festac Town

What do you think about this collaborative shoot and which is your favorite picture from the shoot?
Do well to check my previous post on little things you can do to Glow up now.

With love,



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