Growing up, I never thought too much about life. I was young and so full of life; still full of life living each day as it comes. Always been satisfied with what I have and not wanting too much, having the basic things in life, and living my fairytale dream/life.

Four years ago, it became clear what I wanted. Aside from wanting to live a normal life and staying happy, it dawned on me that I have more to offer and honestly; four years ago, I did not think it will be one heck of a journey but going through it has made me realize it a whole lot.

As each day passes,  it gets clearer and more overwhelming, I am nowhere close to the vision but I wouldn’t let the challenges stop me either so I keep pushing.

If you have been a regular reader on the blog, you know by now that I lost my Dad last year and it was such a big blow because it came at a time I least expected and the drama afterward.

Dad was and still, a major inspiration, my brand, and the blog was named after him even before he left us.

I knew the sacrifices he made for my siblings and me so we could get to where we are now. He was always particular about our growth and he did a lot just to see us grow, I watched him grew from nothing to something. Thinking of how much of a hard worker he was gives me so much strength and brings so much positivity that things would get better.

Honestly, Everything has changed and I wish things can go back the way they were or get better. I have grown into this beautiful strong lady with a lot of dreams, visions, and I cannot wait to see them come through so I can give back and touch lives.

It gets harder each day but I am grateful for my family, the few good friends in my corner, my brands, the blog and to everyone, I have met going through this journey.

My fairytale dream was just living casually with good relationships, a good man in my corner with beautiful kids, a good job, traveling/exploring places but God wanted me to be more and he has placed a lot in my heart to do which is so challenging; sometimes, I ask myself “why me” but then again I consider myself truly blessed for him to place these things in my heart.

Right now, I just want to live, touch lives positively and do that which God has placed in my heart to do not caring about the fairytale dream anymore.  I am far from living that life; guess that is why it happens just in my head because, in reality, I am nowhere near to having that.

Everything has changed and I am growing into this very strong woman{my younger self would have never thought I will be this strong, ambitious, and being an inspiration to young girls like myself} so I am staying hopeful knowing things would get better than ‘the fairytale dream’.

In as much as there are a lot of challenges and it seems like things are not working out, I am very positive about what is to come. I urge you to be positive also and stay hopeful that things would get better than the life you dreamt of growing up. stay hopeful my lovers and thank you for reading ‘Everything has changed’.

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Love and Light!







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