Have you had an important date or outing with friends to go to but you couldn’t because you felt a bit bigger in your outfit, Well, I have been there before but I have got a few hacks to help you with this. Before going into details on how to dress to look slimmer;  like I always say, you are beautiful the way you are sis! and God created you uniquely.

This post has tips to look a bit slimmer and taller when you want to go for certain occasions/events and you just want to add a bit of height or look a bit slim than you already are.


If you want to look slimmer and taller than the way you already look then black or colors in dark shade should be your best friend. I do not know the law or mystery behind this but I know black makes one look slimmer. Thankfully,

black is a favorite color for most ladies so incorporating black into your wardrobe wouldn’t be a problem.


I haven’t tried any shapewear because I am slim and do not have a need for it but I noticed shapewear makes women look slimmer and I suggest you don’t just wear your shapewear when you want to wear a particular outfit but also put on your shapewear to workout to help reduce the weight around the tummy area.


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To have a slimmer look, try high waist jeans (jean that is a bit above your navel). This would help hide the flab around the tummy area and give you a slimmer could try any high-waist pants also other than a jean.

high waist jean

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Materials or clothing with prints would make you look big but however if you are to wear prints, try a print that is less busy {prints that do not have much going on } and you can also tone down the print by pairing with a solid color.

For Pattern clothing, always do vertical stripes as this would help give a slimmer look and make you look tall. Do not try horizontal stripes as they will make you look bigger.


Avoid body-hugging dresses if you want to look slimmer as body-hugging dresses would reveal flab and wouldn’t hide any fat. However, if you are to do body-hugging dresses, then you should wear shapewear.


I am sure I am not the only one that has noticed that pencil skirts make one looks slimmer so I suggest, you invest in some pencil skirts, especially in dark colors.


Shirts are my favorite item of clothing especially oversized shirts but you will always catch me on a shirt be it a perfect fit, oversized, or deconstructed shirts. I like how versatile a shirt is and if you want to look slimmer, I totally recommend trying shirts and do not button all the way up, try leaving the first two or three buttons unbuttoned as it will help give a slim look.


We all know heels make you look taller and looking taller and when you look taller it makes you appear slimmer so invest in heels and if you have issues walking on heels, then you should practice wearing heels at home so you could get used to it or invest in some block heels and wedges.


I won’t even lie, I was never a fan of accessories but I got to know how it helps in giving an edge to outfits and I am incorporating into my wardrobe. Accessories would draw the attention of people away from every other part of your body and the attention would be on your accessories.


Aside from using shapewear, add belts to your outfits. Sometimes, doing shapewear can be uncomfortable. So, add belts to your outfit when you do not feel like putting on shapewear or dresses that are cinched at the waist area.

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