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Coronavirus is no news and it has affected everyone in one way or the other. A lot of businesses slowed down, offices closed, restricted movements.

My prayer is that God intervenes because with the increasing numbers each day, it is beyond man and we need God to help us. As a Christian, I am praying that God should help me in staying faithful because these are uncertain times and one might lose faith.

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Just like every other person, this pandemic has affected me negatively;


I was planning on releasing a spring-summer clothing collection for both men and women for my brand; Smart shop but right now I don’t know my stand and advertising to promote the brand is now a drag because I cannot do delivery. The priority of people right now is to come out of this alive and not looking good {lol}.

Got back to retailing thrift pieces and created a page on Instagram, I sell more on WhatsApp to my contacts and it has been on hold because I cannot go out to handpick new pieces. No inflow of cash and it affected me {sigh}.


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When the Lockdown started, I was mad and became very sensitive to everything maybe because I knew sales would drop plus I won’t be able to scout for a location to create content; my friend and I had plans in creating sone nice contents before lockdown.


However, I thought about it all and realized the situation was affecting my mental health negatively. I decided to live each day happily and be less bothered about how the situation is affecting me negatively. I have been genuinely happy.

Creating content at home I am actually proud of on the blog and on Instagram. learning and practicing all I need to know as regards content creation so best believe I would come out a ‘Pro’ after Lockdown.





Inspired lately by musesuniform, I Love her and she is creating mind-blowing content even with the lockdown and she has been inspiring me to do more lately so I am making do with what I have.


Spending Quality time with my family has been a blessing. The past year has been filled with a lot of challenges and we fought those battles together so spending time with them and bonding is something I do cherish


Staying indoors affected businesses and corporate bodies obviously, some online businesses cannot make delivery either but it did not affect Digital bodies/products;

Netflix has made more money than ever during this period, Zoom has made a lot of money also with online meetings and training organized by bodies/people using their platform as a means.

TikTok has gotten a lot of subscribers and people who trade cryptocurrency still trade and make money from it, Youtubers, Digital creators, and some bloggers are not left out either.

So, it brought me to the conclusion that digital products should be embraced; more reason I am taking April7style seriously.

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Plans have been made but there are restrictions due to lockdown to work towards it and it made me realize that we make plans but God decides.

Try to stay sane this period. I know it is hard but you need to be in the right state of mind when all this is over.

Do some of the things you did as a child i.e gifting your inner child and trust me, it will help you feel better.

Worry less about money because the thought of money not coming in would affect you so badly.

If you can learn new stuff, totally cool but if you can’t don’t stress your pretty head darling because if all you could do is to sleep, eat, watch movies, play and have fun then that is good. Staying safe is key right now, just do what makes you happy in a nutshell.

This is a discussion post so I would love to know how you are keeping sane and holding up this period. How has Lockdown affected you? Check my previous post on Budget friendly makeup hacks

Thank you for Reading, Love and Light!


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