I miss writing my thoughts here and it has been heartbreaking. Before the start of the year, I decided to be publishing 3-4 posts each month but hey! Your girl did not write a post for 3 months straight{I wasn’t lazy but life happens}.

One of the Sundays in church, the pastor preached about ‘watching the where’ and the message was for me because I  know where I am headed and the things God has placed in my heart to do but lately some life challenges set in and there were setbacks.

sitting at the beach side

It seems like I have not been putting in work and it is affecting my Mental health but thank God for that message from the pastor because it made me realize that if God has placed it in your heart to live for his purpose and do certain things; it wouldn’t be easy to achieve it.

Going up in life is challenging but coming down is easier; It is like walking up the stairs; one is more likely to be exhausted unlike coming down the stairs which is way easier but the good thing is that when one moves with God, it becomes easy so I am letting God be in charge and lead me.


“I am screaming GOD TAKE THE LEAD basically (lol)”


He said distractions would come but do not lose focus of your goal, My heart literally melted hearing this because in my first blog post; life lessons learned I listed something similar but however situations got to me, I am more focus now and letting God lead while I follow because I cannot do it alone.

He said ‘Frustration brings corruption to the mind’, I lost focus and thought of crazy things that wouldn’t help in achieving my goals, in fact, these things would deviate me from plans made.

You might be the best at what you do or people might think you are in a good place in life but there is this emptiness you feel. God does know how to fix us in certain places to listen to words that would make us feel better.


a dreamy photo of me standing at the beach side

If you got distracted at some point and less focused on your goals then you are reading the right blog post and my advice to you is that you should let God lead.

Are you currently facing an issue that is affecting your mental health and you need someone to talk to; you could send a message to my mail boyagbarha@gmail.com or send a direct message on Instagram. I am open and ready to listen, talk to you and encourage you to feel better. We need each one another to go through this journey called Life.

Thank you for reading, Love and Light!


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