Currently listening to the Christain song ‘No Longer a Slave to fear’ by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser while writing this post.

Fear and Anxiety is a topic I do not take for granted because I experienced real fear and anxiety in recent times and it lingered for months before I got over it.

I cannot explain how it started but had series of messages that stirred my thoughts, thinking too much of not wanting to be ‘IT Girl’ when God actually wants me to be the IT{dunno if this makes sense but it was so real guys} and I got bothered about the direction my life is taking and the work to put in when all I wanted was a minimal living but God wanted me to be more.

After my 6 months break off blogging, I mentioned in my comeback post about writing more on Lifestyle and less of fashion{would still drop fashion posts and serve looks} so I am excited about writing this because it is a real-life issue and I can’t explain all in a single post so there would be a part 2.


Never have I ever thought I would go through such fears because I am strong at heart but some certain situations were occurring that left me in doubt, I got worried and the fear and anxiety set in.

I was literally disturbed but was going about my regular life like all was well. sometimes, I was less productive though it felt like I was active and still putting stuff out there and it was choking the hell out of me.

At some point, I was isolating myself from others and not talking much, became aggressive without even knowing it and if the thoughts of the issues causing the fear comes, it becomes worse.

We often think fear and anxiety are panics or our facial expressions when we see something scary or our emotions being expressed physically though these are signs, it is more than these and it all happens in our Mind.

Fear is something we allow by the constant thought of a particular thing.

Fear and anxiety are the ‘real ghetto’ like if you have experienced real fear, you will understand where I am writing from and if you are currently going through it and don’t know how to go about it then this blog post is for you.

Would stop this part here because I do not want this post too long. You can check Part 2 of the steps I took in getting over my fear and anxiety and how it would help you get over yours also.

With Love




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  1. Moya Anne
    Moya Anne says:

    We all think that way, “this or that can’t happen to me” until it happens, I’m glad you shared this…
    Heading to the 2nd🏃🏾‍♀️

  2. Nkay
    Nkay says:

    I call her Beautiful Beautician…..that’s who she is…inside out….. This post got me transformed. Tnx for sharing Sis


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