In my previous post, I talked about fear and anxiety and how it affected me but thankfully I have been able to get past it. So in this post, I will be listing ways in which you can get over it.

These are the ways I got over mine so you should totally practice them to get over yours as well or share with someone going through it.


1. Read Books on Positivity, the Bible, and Motivational Books

If you really want to get over anxiety, you need to read these books because our mind works like a computer and programs the way we think so what we say, what we hear, what we think, and what we read is important because everything we put in our mind causes some effect.

2. Resist Negative Thoughts

One thing about anxiety is that it is persistent and it can be really frustrating when others who don’t understand what it feels like tell us not to think too much about it because truth is, you have been telling yourself this but you just can’t seem to get over it.

The key is monitoring your thoughts and it takes discipline, effort, and consistency in doing this.

If you have had 5 to 10 minutes without anxiety, that is proof that you can do without it.

3. Recognize your weakness

The thing with fear is that it wears different makes and so it comes with different thoughts entering our mind so guard your thoughts because it is these little thoughts that enter the heart that become these big issues.

I got to a point where I thought if I could get these questions answered by someone else, then It will be settled but truth is that it got me more anxious so it is the same fear but wearing different masks and excuses to make me think that I would feel better if someone answers these questions and it made me think even more.

Always remind yourself that you could get anxious for just a little while and that you are overthinking things and it is really not an issue. It might take time but it helps and we must learn to tell ourselves this and not allow the fear to come in a different mask.

4. Reach out to others

Always try to reach out to others when you are going through this phase. It might not necessarily be people you want to talk to but rather people who care and are ready to listen to all your rants and worries but one thing I am positive about is that God is always going to place someone that actually cares for you to talk to and would genuinely assist you during this phase.

5. Rest your Body

Anxiety is agitated by weariness so Rest is key. Get some sleep, eat right, take care of yourself. Truth is, Anxiety arises faster when you lack sleep.

6. Go to God

This might sound Religious and all but it isn’t. Reaching out to God on a personal level really did help me when I was going through anxiety and you should too.

7. Repeat until you have a breakthrough

Repeat steps 1 to 6 until you fully overcome Fear and Anxiety.

Stop looking for the past for it to hunt you and stop looking at the future for what is to come; in a nutshell, stop anticipating the worst and in no time you will overcome fear and anxiety.

You can read Part 1 on this topic HERE and if you find this post helpful, please do like, comment and share to help others going through fear and anxiety

With Love




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