We are on Lockdown due to the Corona Virus Pandemic and as we self-isolate, there is this tendency to sit around doing Nothing and end up becoming unproductive. This Isolation is an opportunity for you to find, horn your style and learn some new things.

I have put together Fashion Tasks to carry out and list of free courses to learn this period. I urge you to carry out one of these fashion tasks and most importantly learn one of the courses because when this is over, you will have a lot to give in return.

“The world has slowed down so you can rediscover yourself”



1. Try out with Colors

Use this period of staying at home to try out new color combinations to check if they go. Try out prints combination and if you are in doubt, read articles on colors and prints to help you. This is the perfect time to experiment and curate outfits with fear of judgment from people removed.

2. Try out shoes

We have shoes in our wardrobe that we haven’t worn because of the heels and some certain factors. This is the right time to wear those shoes around the house and become comfortable in it.

3. Try out new ways to style your clothes

We have so many unworn clothes in our wardrobe because we don’t know how to style and put them together. Well, there is no better time to try out these clothes and ways in which you can style them for different occasions; don’t forget to accessorize while doing so because it might be you haven’t worn them as a result of not wearing the right accessories or too many accessories with them. Try them out with earrings, bags, sunglasses, etc

4. Try Layering

Mix your old and new clothes in your wardrobe together. Try wearing that sleeveless dress in your wardrobe with a shirt etc just play with the clothes in your wardrobe and have fun while doing it and trust me you would see new ways in which you can style them.


This is very important to take on this period as it would help improve your expertise in your different fields once all this is over and could work as a good side hustle or a change in career.

1. Digital Marketing Learning Path by Bitdegree

The world is going Digital and a career in Digital marketing is a huge one and has come to stay so if you have always wanted to be a digital marketing guru or consider a career in digital marketing, the digital marketing course offered by Bitdegree is perfect for you this period. The course is free during this COVID-19 period and you should check them out by clicking here.

2. Data science course by 365Data Science

If you have noticed, big companies require data to plan and predict the future of the company and to keep the company running so taking a course in Data science is important and currently in Nigeria; we do not have many people on this field so this is an opportunity to take this course. The 365Data Science Team is offering a 21 course on data science and it is free till April 15th. Enroll for free today!


Taking 21 courses in just a short period is a lot so I would advise you to take the excel courses under this free data science course seriously. Click here to take excel courses for beginners or take the advanced excel course.

3. Process Design by Martin Omobude

My friend is offering a free course on process design and simulation on WhatsApp. I have seen him simulate very complex designs and he has very good knowledge in this field. So if you are a Chemical Engineer, Process Design Engineer or looking to work in an Oil company or process industry you should click on this link to enroll in this free course.

4. Virtual Assistance with Gina

As I said, everything is digital now so you could consider being a visual assistant as a side hustle. If you are looking to horn your skill as a virtual assistant, then you should take this course. This is a paid course but she is giving out for free this period.

To get this course, use coupon code WEGOTTHIS and the system would need you to enter your card details. You wouldn’t be charged so don’t bother your head but make sure you apply the code and the price be showing $0. Get started today!

There are other free courses out there this period; like Udemy and creative cloud are offering some free courses, you could check out their websites, Ahrefs is also offering a free course on blogging for business.


I hope this post was helpful and I urge you to try one of these free courses and don’t forget to arrange your wardrobe. Now, tell me, which of these fashion tasks would you try and if there are any free courses out there please do drop in the comment section?

Thanks for Reading!
Love and Light


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