The KY DRESS from Smart Shop


Aside from being a Blogger, I run a Brand; SMART SHOP and we are still growing. This dress was from our First Female clothing collection which was released last year and it is called the KY DRESS.

The KY DRESS from Smart Shop


The dress was inspired by the late Kyrzayda Rodrigez who lost her life battling with cancer, she was such an inspiration and touched lives with her style.

Pictures of the Late Kyrzayda RodriguezPictures of the Late KY


Ky was a lot while on earth; she was an inspiration, she was too strong; despite battling with cancer she kept showing up on our faces and steady giving us a dose of style inspiration{ A TRUE STRONG QUEEN, I STAN!}, she was beautiful, full of spirit and paved the way for a lot of bloggers.

One cannot speak of a Fashion and style blogger without mentioning her name, she was a force to reckon and a pioneer. She was and still an Inspiration with a lot of positivity.


When I saw the fabric at Ogbete market in Enugu, I had to buy because of the colors, the two-tone{orange-green} attracted me to it and then the silky nature of the fabric and the KY DRESS was birthed.

KY DRESS from Smart Shop

One major reason I love the KY DRESS is that you do not need to accessorize too much because the fabric and the design speak class and have a whole lot going on so no need for too many accessories.

Wearing the KY Dress from Smart Shop

You would definitely be noticed anywhere you go to with the KY DRESS { Alexa, play me “ All Eyes on me” by Ja Rule}


Shoe and purse were from a friend who is a wardrobe shopper but she doesn’t shop for clients and friends anymore because she’s into a new business and doing well at it.

Where would you wear the KY DRESS to?  I would love to know

Thanks for reading, Love and Light.






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