We all know Beyonce ‘Black is king’  Film is here, trended and is still trending. Aside from the fact that the film is pushing the ‘black lives’ movement, it also showcases the best Fashion statements and I am here for that.

Styling was done by Zerina Akers, the curator of the ‘Black-owned Everything’ platform{I had to follow them on Instagram immediately}.

All looks are amazing; the styling from the hair, clothes, accessories, creative direction/styling, I would get drunk the day I get that creative{just joking } but honestly; I am wowed by the creativity.

Loza Maléombho

When I saw this look, the sleeves caught my attention and it made me realize I am such a maximalist and I have come to embrace, be in terms with my maximalist side. The sleeves, the monochrome print, the accessories, and the hair all stood out for me.

It was designed by Ivorian Ivorian American fashion designer Loza Maléombho

Michaela stark

This is another outfit I absolutely love which shows again that I am a maximalist even though I like to keep it simple and pretend I am a minimalist. The pant and blouse by the London-based lingerie designer and artist, Michaela stark is such a vibe paired with the gloves made the look so perfect and just look at the length of the hair{I am in love}.


The word for this look is ‘Angelic’. Beyonce looks so good in this fringed crystal outfit by area designers; Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk.

Mary Katrantzou

This Ruffled rainbow-colored dress by Mary Katrantzou is so high fashion and yet so romantic. I love the frilly and feathered details of the dress.

Alon Livne

This white dress by Alon Livne definitely got my attention when I saw it. I love dramatic sleeves so I am here for it and the headpiece by Laurel Dewitt is just so creative.

Molly Goddard

This pink tulle by Molly Goddard has to be featured and I love the fact that her hair is so well packed and laid.


This dress by Erdem from their autumn/winter 2019 collection is so beautiful and fits the scene. It has colors like pink, red, and purple with flora detail and silky nature.


The word for this is amazing. Love the leopard print sequin look and Beyonce paired it with a Morir sunglasses which I think is just perfect.

Every Sequin was hand sewn.

5:31 Jérôme

The fabric of this piece is definitely giving me the Nigerian ‘asoebi’ vibes. I love the color and the matching gloves.


The first time I heard about Mugler was when he designed a dress for Kim Kardashian and since then I have been stuck on them.

Alessandra Rich

I love this crystal Net dress by the Italian designer; Alessandra Rich. I love the crystal earrings and face bling. Beyonce standing at the beach at dusk on this crystal dress is just amazing and too creative.


The print used is a ‘cow print’ which is quite different from the regular prints. The outfit consists of a mini skirt, corset top, and faux leather boots.

Marine Serre

These bodysuits feel like a second skin on Beyonce and her dancers. The print is amazing and it fits so well.

Lafalaise Dion

According to Lafalaise Dion, this beautiful cowries comes with a lot of explanation. The curved back symbolizes fertility{a child growing within a pregnant woman}. You can read more about it HERE.


This Rich purple belted ball gown by Bahraini designer Shaima Al Monsoori perfectly accessorized with a matching floral headdress and sandals is just amazing.

Have you checked my previous post on the details of a Deep V neck sequin dress I made? Please check here!

Which is your Favorite look from the ‘Black is King’ Film?

Thank you for Reading, Love and Light!















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