Hi Guys and welcome back to April7style. So Today’s post is ways in which you can style a wrap dress.

The Wrap dress I have is an ankara wrap dress and was gifted to me by my sister but the tips I would be sharing works well with Wrap dresses made from other Fabrics. So let’s us get started!



The first style is wearing your wrap dress as it is, no need to do too much with it. You can choose to put on an inner wear before wearing it or wear the wrap dress as it is to reveal some cleavage.

Wrap dress


Wearing your wrap dress with a jacket is one cool way to style a wrap dress. You can wear with a ‘blazer’ jacket to give an Office look or style with any regular jacket to give a casual and chic look. I styled mine with a jean jacket (Check Video ) and i absolutely love it. You can pair with a sneakers for casual outings.

Wrap dress styled with a jean jacket
Wrap dress styled with a Jean Jacket


You can wear your wrap dress with a jean trouser/pant be it a skinny or mom jean. Pairing a Wrap dress with a Jean trouser is one of my favourite way of styling a wrap dress because I like how edgy it looks when styled properly.

Tuck some part of the dress to the jean or use a pin to hold the dress so the upper part of the jean would be made visible and you are good to go. You could pair with a block heel sandals 👡 to give an edgy yet chic look.

Wrap dress styled with a Jean
Wrap Dress styled with a Jean


The Wrap Dress can be styled as a kimono jacket. For a beach look, you can wear a short and a crop top with the wrap dress styled as a kimono.

For a Office or chick look, wear with a Flare pant as seen below or a pretty dress and you are good to go sis!

Wrap dress Styled as a kimono jacket
Styled as a Kimono Jacket


I like when I Style or wear the same outfit in different ways and wearing the wrap dress as a skirt is a Favourite.

Just fold the upper part of your wrap dress and voila! You got a skirt and you can style with the right blouse or Top.

Wrap dress styled as a skirt
Styled as a Skirt

CLICK HERE to watch a Video I made showing ways in which you can style the wrap dress.

Note that, there are more ways to style a wrap dress. My Wrap dress is made from an ankara fabric with long sleeves so I couldn’t do much with it but if your wrap dress is made from a lighter fabric and has a shorter sleeves . Then, you can style in more ways.

PS- All images were taken with my phone and the weather was a bit cloudy so I couldn’t get very bright image but I hope this images are good enough 😊

I Hope this was helpful and do check my previous post on 11 Tips of a stylish woman and you will love it 😊

Thank you for Reading, Love and Light!


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