Hey there! Welcome back to April7style and yes I am super excited to be Blogging again. Since this year began I haven’t blogged or written anything here and honestly, I feel bad about it because as a New Blogger I am to stay consistent to grow the Blog. Well, I have created a couple of posts as regards Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and cannot wait to share these fun and educative posts with y’all very soon but I thought to fill you guys in on why I haven’t been blogging.

a very beautiful picture of me squatting

Firstly, I want to thank every single of you that read my previous posts, liked, commented and shared. The love has been real and I do appreciate so here’s why I haven’t blogged for three whole Month;

My Website wasn’t looking professional

This is the major reason why I haven’t blogged; the site wasn’t looking professional and there were a lot of things I needed to put in place, I was thinking I could fix the issues myself(I tried tho) but I had to give to an expert to help out.
The Theme was a free one and a lot of things were not in place. I was always crying about it because there was no way I would monetize with an unprofessional blog(nobody would take me seriously even if I have great content).

I moved back to Lagos from Enugu

I am back to Lagos and all of a sudden I am not used to the ‘Lagos Living’ anymore(sigh) and the thought of leaving the house to face the traffic in Lagos in search for locations to create content was something else but I know I would get used to the whole Lagos drama again.

To create content here, I need to take pictures and the photographers in Lagos are expensive; most photographers cost 20k upward for a session. One even told me 40k for just a session. Unlike the photographers in Enugu; they are so affordable and they charge less. I would look for a less pricy one and then take pictures using a phone and edit myself.

The pictures for this particular post were taken with my friend’s ‘Huawei mate 20 pro’ and I edited them myself, pictures still came out looking good.


My Laptop got bad

This is totally my fault. I had money to buy a brand new laptop but I decided to buy a fairly used laptop and use the rest money for other expenses,  it was giving issues later on. It was a drag posting my last blog post. I cried so hard before it finally worked and I posted(I know I cry a lot)


a full outfit picture


The Fabric was gotten and outfit made by Smart stitches(my sister’s clothing line) and I told them what I wanted and I am completely blown by the result because I just had to send my measurements and they delivered. You could send them a message on Instagram; I spent less than five thousand naira for the blouse.


My pant is from my thrift store and retailed for just two thousand naira.


The Bag is from my mum’s wardrobe and she had no idea I collected the bag; the shoe is also thrifted, got the shoe for two thousand naira at Agbapa market in Enugu and the shoe is my go-to shoe because of its color and it is so easy to walk on.

Will I Quit Blogging?

Well, I just started blogging to quit so not quitting anytime soon Darlings because I have great content I would be sharing here and blogging for me is not just about educating others or sharing my thoughts here; I get to learn also and inspire others. ( touching one life at a time)

Have you ever started something and took a break from it because of some challenges?

Thanks for Reading!

Love and Light


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