2021 was such a year for me; my mind was messing with me the whole time, I  dealt with fear and anxiety in 2021, it was a crazy phase in my journey, doubted myself and doubted God words over my life but 2022 would be the start of becoming all God wants me to be. I had to do a lot of learning, unlearning, getting to know, and unboxing new parts of me that I never knew I had in 2021.

Did not write many blog posts on here last year because I was still discovering all that there is to me and there is still more to unbox. oftentimes, my head was blank and there was no idea of what to write here but I never thought of quitting writing. I kept telling myself that I will keep renewing my hosting till I had it all figured out.

The last weeks of 2021 were crazy as I was wanting to be alone and do nothing at all which I find rather strange but couldn’t help me out of it. I was just living in my head.

Honestly, I know and can feel 2022 is going to be a YEAR! so one needs to stay focused. Poured a major part of me into people in 2021 and in 2022, I would love to be more about ME, my growth, be more conscious, make intentional efforts.


For Now, I don’t have any major plan mapped out but I want to do better and be better this year, however;

I. I would want to have a better relationship with God, In the last days of 2021, I kept saying I don’t know what it is with 2022 but I need God. The consciousness of knowing I would need God more than ever was so big that it was my request in my heart because I know when God is the first then everything concerning me will be sorted.

II. Take care of myself more this year. My skin has been messing up lately so I am working on it so y’all better get ready for the incoming glow{would blog about the products when I start to see results so you can also try them out}. my hashtags for the year are #selfcare2022 #onbecoming #becoming. you can add your own tags in the comment section {lol}.

III. Would definitely do better with the business; smart shop and Jbofabrics.

IV. Start a monthly newsletter and send it to my email subscribers; got inspired by lifeofrona, been following her newsletter and it is inspiring so I will be starting mine and hope to stay consistent with it. If you are yet to subscribe to my email list then you can be a part of the community by filling out the form so below and you get a free guide for 2022 trends when you subscribe.

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 V. Get started with the first project for YOU GLOW GIRL with my friend and we are excited about it and cannot wait for it to be a reality.

VI. And of course, keep doing me and be consistent here like write more on things that have been placed in my heart and go back to giving fashion and lifestyle tips.

VII. Journal – writing how I feel helps me stay relaxed and it has been a therapy so I decided to journal daily, it is good for my soul and soothing.

  • me on a lovely brown v neck dress and holding an electric fan

2022 will be our year of becoming if we can keep up with the enthusiasm we have now at the start of the year, stay optimistic, save and invest more; do not play with your finances this year darlings, live more, and lastly, my loves, get that personal relationship with ABBA{ I love how God relates with me and it is something you need to experience too}.

Sending you a lot of hugs and kisses your way for the year, cry and laugh, do not lose focus on the goal and one more thing loves; the storms will always be there but stay chasing cus it is our year of becoming

Do check this post also as it will help you glow up for the year.

With Love,


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